‘Sick, twisted, demented’: Marcotte thinks ‘Mindy Project’ needs more abortion

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http://twitter.com/#!/ThePantau/status/507617088769257473 It’s not enough to have to suffer under the iron fist of home-cooked family meals. Amanda Marcotte is also oppressed by the lack of abortions on “The Mindy Project”: http://twitter.com/#!/AmandaMarcotte/status/507615445109592064 Got that? http://twitter.com/#!/AndrewHClark/status/507616934771175426 http://twitter.com/#!/mchastain81/status/507617299440750592 Wait, wait … maybe give her a chance to explain: While no one expects sitcoms to be perfect reflections of […]


Abortion cheerleader Martha Plimpton thinks she has pro-lifers all figured out

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http://twitter.com/#!/MarthaPlimpton/status/427906128710627328 Barf. Nothing like watching two women bond over the awesomeness of killing babies, right? Our pal Amanda Marcotte recently penned a piece explaining that the real reason people oppose abortion is that “they’re angry about sex.” Specifically, they hate the idea of women having “non-procreative sex.” Astute analysis there, Amanda. As always. For what […]