You will love these 3 debate tweets from Andrea Tantoros nailing Hillary, Dems

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Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros scored once again with terrific Hillary Clinton zingers during last night’s Democrat debate. No introduction needed … take a it away, Andrea! Ouch! That’s the sad truth. Next up? Snort. Yep. And for the trifecta? Boom. Keep the truth-snark coming, Ms. Tantaros. Laughter really is the best medicine. And, boy, do […]


Greg Gutfeld’s first tweet was better than a lot of first tweets

, , , , , ,!/PatrickMillsaps/status/446741230336999424 Many Twitter debuts are boring, dry and of the “hey, is this thing on?” variety. But that wasn’t the case for Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. Twitter’s new #FirstTweet tool shows us that his first tweet was … so very Greg Gutfeld.!/greggutfeld/status/1578649922 Proof that the #FirstTweet tool is awesome (or at least worth […]