How convenient! MSM ignores that trapped scientists were researching climate change

, , , , , ,!/NolteNC/status/419146572694183937 There’s been quite a bit of buzz lately about the plight of scientists trapped in Antarctic ice. But if you were relying purely on the MSM for news, you may very well have missed the fact that those scientists were climate change researchers. For some inexplicable reason, MSMers left that little detail out of […]


This Is What An Upside-Down Iceberg Looks Like

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Belly up! Here’s what the icy behemoths look like when they’ve had a few too many. 1. On a recent excursion to Antarctica, San Francisco-based filmmaker and designer Alex Cornell, 30, caught a rare glimpse of an iceberg’s underside. View this image › Alex Cornell / Via Most icebergs’ hefty bodies are submerged under […]