People Are Harassing Government MPs With Hilarious Apple iMessages

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MPs are linking their work emails to Apple devices. UPDATE: attorney general George Brandis de-links email from work account. Software engineer Justin Simon discovered that it was possible to send an iMessage to Australia’s attorney general George Brandis on Sunday. brandis has iMessage — wordsonaplatfrm (@justin s) Simon appeared to enter in Brandis’ publicly available […]


Here’s Why Activist Investing Isn’t Going Away

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A new report details the eye-popping numbers surrounding activist campaigns in 2014, which reached new heights and targeted bigger companies than ever. View this image › Keith Bedford / Reuters / Reuters Last October, the activist hedge fund Starboard Value, claimed an unprecedented victory in its campaign to replace the entire board of Olive Garden […]


‘The LiePhone 5′: Apple considering Jay Carney for PR chief

, , ,!/deppisch/status/488866031717584896!/BigJebBos/status/488866651849236481!/StephenFleming/status/488848499459764224!/MikeBeas/status/488883187725385730!/nickplee/status/488835650926682113 There may be some sound reasoning behind this. Carney just got done flacking for a man who might be called the Apple Newton of presidents—oversold as something revolutionary, but ultimately useless.   If Carney survived that job, maybe he’ll do great if he actually has something good to sell. Nah. […]


‘WTF is this’? #AppleLive viewers need Google Translate just to keep up

, , ,!/exjon/status/509388735113601025 Today, everything’s coming up Apple. First, viewers of its big iPhone 6 reveal were greeted with an awesome test pattern. And then came the free language lesson:!/MosquitoSlayer_/status/509390878264557569!/methuselaschild/status/509389532857257984!/Zedd/status/509392909972799489!/ankitv/status/509391477181382657!/seankovacs/status/509391951624699904 Thank goodness for this:!/deppisch/status/509390411560144897 The translator’s voice eventually did disappear:!/aamir_sama/status/509397215677136896 As did the live feed — frequently:!/JKirstaetter/status/509396779364675584 Oh well.!/pbmarcano/status/509396881907417088!/LanicaCo/status/509396987649589249!/andychipster/status/509400687781089280 […]