Here Are 26 Normal Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet…Life Is So Gross

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Warning: One look at these 26 things dirtier than your toilet may ruin you forever. You may never be able to see the world in the same light again. From restaurant ice to your personal cell phone, just wait ’til you see just how dirty you and the things around you really are. Maybe ignorance […]


As It Turns Out, The Antibiotics That Help Us Now Might Kill Us Later

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Everyone has a theory about how the world is going to end. Will we fall at the hands of global warming? Nuclear war? Super volcanoes? Sinkholes? If you ask pharmaceutical scientists, they’ll probably tell you that the real destroyers might actually be antibiotics. Well, the antibiotics themselves won’t kill us…just the insane bacteria that they […]


This Is The Last Thing I Thought Could Be Beautiful. Especially Considering It May Kill You.

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Artist Luke Jerram began creating complex glass sculptures of viruses, diseases and bacteria in 2004. Made to contemplate the global impact of each disease, the body of artwork titled ‘Glass Microbiology’ is created as  an alternative representations of viruses to the artificially colored imagery received through much of the media. In fact, viruses have no color as […]