Smart Seagull Wins Every Round Of The Shell Game For Tasty Treats

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Everyone knows the classic game in which three inverted cups are moved around and contestants must guess which one is hiding the playing piece. Well, in this case, the contestant was a very smart seagull and the playing piece was a tasty treat. Either this bird is super smart or he’s […]


One Bird Stuck In A Warehouse Gives Wildlife Rescuers A Really Hard Time.

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Trying to catch a bird of prey is hard enough as it is, let alone when they are all panicked due to being stuck in a very large warehouse. Simon and Sean from the Wildlife Aid Foundation spent a couple of hours chasing a Sparrowhawk around a warehouse. Having dealt with similar situations before, Simon […]


When He Put A Heating Pad Under His Bird Feeder, He Was Shocked By Who Came To Visit

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Seeing hummingbirds is an incredibly rare thing to happen, especially when it’s for a prolonged period of time. They are nomadic in nature and move quickly, never really allowing themselves any rest time, and they generally avoid humans. But when this family placed their bird feeder on a heating pad in the middle of an […]


That’s Not A Storm Ready To Terrorize A Rural Area. It’s Way, Way, Way Better Than That.

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Look to the sky. What would you do if you saw a churning, moving mass floating above your head? What if the sky was filled with small bodies, all beautifully and inexplicably moving as if they were one? If you’re anything like me, then you would probably have a small heart attack. The sight would […]