These 22 Books Are So Absurdly Ridiculous… And Completely Real. #15 Sounds Horribly Wrong.

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Basically anyone can write a book if they put their mind to it and find a publisher who will produce it (which is easier than you think). However, even though most people could write a book, that doesn’t mean they should. The books below are a perfect example of authors who probably should’ve done something else with their time, […]


21 Times R.L. Stine Was So Sassy It Hurt

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“My job: to terrify kids.” 1. On apps: I hope you will all buy my new app. The app tells you when you’re about to buy an app you don’t need. — RL_Stine (@R.L. Stine) 2. On buying his books: Interesting statistic: If you all bought 1 Goosebumps book a month, it would be enough […]