15 Of The Most Expensive Things Ever Purchased. This Stuff Is Beyond Awesome

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From a diamond-studded watch containing 874 sparkling little gems to a yacht made from pure gold, these are 15 of the most expensive things ever sold. 1. Feather of a Huia bird – $10,000 webbs This is the most valuable feather in the world, since it once belonged to a Huia bird, which is now […]


The Places This Guy Discovered Will Beautifully Haunt Your Dreams. He Has The Photos To Prove It.

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Photographer Niki Feijen has an amazing eye for the unbelievable. Especially as he takes photos that seem to be too real. You know, the ones where there is more than what initially meets the eye and have a depth lying under the surface you can’t quite identify? Well, Niki recently wandered into an abandoned town, formerly home to […]