‘Fight for $15′ protesters in #StrikeFastFood offered reality checks [photos]

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http://twitter.com/#!/jmarkwalk/status/507526629128945665 Across the country, #StrikeFastFood has brought out protesters demanding a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers: http://twitter.com/#!/jcreindl/status/507496691554340864 http://twitter.com/#!/sarahkendzior/status/507511196359331840 http://twitter.com/#!/JacobNPA/status/507522558762422272 http://twitter.com/#!/YourAnonGlobal/status/507526725719572481 http://twitter.com/#!/heyrubino/status/507526507330560000 http://twitter.com/#!/IL_homecareff15/status/507526507330564096 http://twitter.com/#!/masseydaniel/status/507493897656737792 http://twitter.com/#!/UnToldCarlisle/status/507530050326237184 http://twitter.com/#!/fightfor15/status/507515195909214208 http://twitter.com/#!/fightfor15/status/507495167755288576 http://twitter.com/#!/UnToldCarlisle/status/507527848073379840 http://twitter.com/#!/resnikoff/status/507513265069768704 http://twitter.com/#!/AriseChicago/status/507522261969293312 http://twitter.com/#!/15nowPhilly/status/507530141623681024 http://twitter.com/#!/SouledadBrother/status/507530269948379136 http://twitter.com/#!/SEIU/status/507494184300064768 How many of the people involved are actually fast food workers and not union activists is anybody’s guess. Meanwhile, back in […]


You Won’t Believe What This Videographer Captured Above The Chicago Skyline. It’s Electrifying.

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Last week Chicago resident, and videographer Craig Shimala was working on a time lapse video of a particularly nasty storm over the city. What he managed to film was a rare occurrence: Chicago’s three tallest buildings the Willis Tower, Trump Tower, and the John Hancock Building all being struck by lightning at the same time. In the […]


New York #BlackLivesMatter protesters hold solidarity march

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Demonstrators are marching in the streetsagain tonight to protest both the shooting ofblack teen Laquan McDonald 16 times by OfficerJason Van Dyke, now charged with first-degree murder, and the 13-month delay in bringing charges against the officer. Protesters in Chicago have promised to disrupt Black Friday shopping along Michigan Avenue as well. New York City’s […]


Walmart tries to stamp out Black Friday stabbing hoax


http://twitter.com/#!/WalmartNewsroom/status/407909021921062912 Once again, a story from The Daily Currant — “an English language online satirical newspaper”— has been mistaken for reality. This time, it was the fictional story of a multiple stabbing at a Chicago Walmart that seemed just crazy enough to be true, and which spread far enough to compel Walmart to issue a tweet correcting […]


‘That’s why we’re doing it!’ See why Brad Thor is fleeing Chicago for Nashville

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http://twitter.com/#!/ChampionCapua/status/455370625583157248 Author Brad Thor and family have decided on Nashville, Tennessee. http://twitter.com/#!/BradThor/status/455370705589112834 What prompted the move? Oh, this: http://twitter.com/#!/BradThor/status/455370257327083520 Flee destructive and dangerous liberal policies. http://twitter.com/#!/clayjohanson/status/455375621842272256 Twitter users feel his pain and offer best wishes to the author and his family. http://twitter.com/#!/BradThor/status/455376058355679232 http://twitter.com/#!/BradThor/status/455379647287418880 http://twitter.com/#!/ggr1868/status/455380425859297280 http://twitter.com/#!/markdewes/status/455377605693173762 Ding, ding, ding! http://twitter.com/#!/BradThor/status/455379092938833920 Amen. http://twitter.com/#!/BrettKelsey/status/455387323245404160 Sad truth. http://twitter.com/#!/BradThor/status/455449390925484032 This […]


Chicago activist wants attention paid to police, not Paris

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While “solidarity” marchers took to the streets of New York City Wednesday night to protest police shootingsin Chicago and Minneapolis, activists in Chicago held their own protests tonight following the release of dash-cam footage of teenagerLaquan McDonald being shot 16 times by a police officer. Tony Briscoe, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, took note […]