#DemTownHall kid: ‘I can see why they gave you this question’

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Editor’s note: See the update below. You would have thought that viewers had had enough of CNN’s #DemTownHall Monday night, especially after one ridiculously convoluted answer from Hillary Clinton that showed why debates have time limits. It turns out there was time for just one more question for Clinton, and unfortunately, it looks like the […]


HE’S GONNA BLOW! Trump-tweet-triggered Chris Cuomo RAGES about evil white domestic terrorists

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Wonder if Trump knew this tweet about fake news would trigger a crazy Chris Cuomo meltdown this morning? The public is learning (even more so) how dishonest the Fake News is. They totally misrepresent what I say about hate, bigotry etc. Shame! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17, 2017 Remember when Chris Cuomo said […]