Patriots Cornerback Tells Deflategate Haters To “Inflate This”

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Brandon Browner hilariously defended his team’s monstrous, controversial win over the Colts. 1. Last night, it was revealed that the NFL had determined that 11 of the 12 footballs the Patriots used during Sunday’s AFC Championship were underinflated by a significant amount. Teams provide 12 footballs bearing their logo that are tested two hours prior […]


Oops: Good Morning America isn’t sure who’s playing in the Super Bowl

, , ,!/k_beck86/status/428002092398428161 The Colts had a brief glimmer of hope there, before Good Morning America wised up and deleted this tweet.!/shohendorf/status/427995547090161666!/303Wes/status/428003838881038336!/SRCAZM4ALL/status/428003809441624064!/karamat/status/427995802225885184!/BarstoolNate/status/427998617375219713 Related: Oops: Bud Light mixes up its NFL teams Read more: