New York Times risks spontaneous combustion by printing annotated Constitution alongside editorial pages

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By the workings of some subconscious mechanisms we’ll never fully understand, we can’t read Christiane Amanpour’s impassioned calllast November for the long-dormant media to awaken from its slumber and save the country from “mortal peril” without thinking of the Anne Rice vampire fantasy “Queen of the Damned” ’cause we’ll be damned if it didn’t work. […]


Democrats still confused about due process and the No-Fly list

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In the grand American tradition ofproposing a terrible solution to a problem after it’s too late to help, Democrats are determined to tie the Second Amendment right to purchase a firearm to the government’s mysterious “No-Fly list.” In his Dec. 5 weekly address, President Obama himself literally called it “insane” to let those on the […]