This Captain Cutie And Her First Mate Pup Perform Your Favorite Childhood Song

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Up a creek without a paddle, this adorable little girl and her doggy best friend had to get creative when boredom struck them one afternoon. Finding an empty box just lying around the house, these two hopped inside and silliness ensued. The precious pirates began sailing the seven seas, while singing that sea-faring classic, “Row, […]


Like Father, Like Son — Hilarious Flexing Baby Cracks His Dad Up

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Bonding time between dads and their babies is special. Men who parent well are everywhere, and honestly, we don’t talk about them enough. Take this dad, for example. His cute little tyke loves mimicking his every move, which makes for an adorable flexing-in-the-mirror session. Check it out below! Dad just cannot keep it together when […]