Fox Tossing Apparently Used To Be A Thing…And It Was Disturbingly Popular

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It’s no secret that the nobility of ancient Europe had some controversial ways of amusing themselves. Everything from throwing giant parties to torturing and killing peasants was fair game. While the latter of those two sounds pretty brutal, just wait until you hear about Fox Tossing. Fox Tossing was a game played throughout Europe in […]


What He Tried To Do To A 13-Year-Old In Broad Daylight Is Terrifying

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In both 2014 and 2015, more than 460,000 children were reported missing. That means in just two years, nearly 1 million kids disappeared. While many cases are solved and some families are reunited, others aren’t so lucky. For one Florida mom, her quick acting prevented her daughter from being part of that alarming statistic above. […]


Some Gifs To Show You Just How Terrifying Mother Nature Really Is

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If there’s a single word to describe Mother Nature, it’s probably “scary.” While of course the world is filled with beautiful wonders, those things often don’t illicit the same kind of reaction that something like a giant snake or deadly shark does. Let’s celebrate the awful, terrifying majesty of nature with these 20 .GIFs of […]