Now THIS Is How You Carve A Pumpkin! I Present To You The T-Rex O’ Lantern!

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What do dinosaurs and Halloween have to do with each other? Not much, unless you’re carving an awesome jack-o’-lantern in the shape of a T-Rex. That’s exactly what an educational theme park in New Jersey did, and it was epic.  The artist here is Chris Verra, a renowned pumpkin carver. Charles Sykes His raw materials are pumpkins […]


These Japanese Researchers May Have Photographic Evidence Of A Megalodon Shark

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For a while now, a video has been lurking in the deep recesses of the Internet that claims to contain footage of a megalodon (a giant shark that’s thought to be extinct). It was captured by Japanese scientists. Many cryptozoologists are eager to use this as irrefutable proof of the ancient predator’s continued existence, but […]