Baby Elephant Splashes Around In A Kiddie Pool For The First Time…And LOVES It!

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); It’s very important to stay cool and hydrated as the summer days become hotter and longer. To help a two-month-old elephant calf beat the heat, zookeepers at the Dallas Zoo put out a kiddie pool for the little guy. It was his first time splashing around in water, and as you […]


Some Elephants Got Drunk On Fermented Marula Fruit… And The Result Is Absolutely Hysterical.

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They say elephants never forget… but we have a feeling this group of elephants might have some trouble remembering some things the next morning. In Kruger National Park in South Africa, a small herd of elephants were found stumbling around. No one fed them alcohol, these elephants got themselves drunk. They found and ate massive quantities of fermented marula […]


Elephant Breaks A Sprinkler And Does Exactly What You’d Expect An Elephant To Do!

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When an elephant named Faa Sai accidentally broke a sprinkler that was watering the grass at her home in Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, she decided to make the most of the situation with an impromptu bath. According to staff at the reserve, this is the second time Faa Sai has ‘accidentally’ broken a sprinkler. […]