Jake Tapper quotes member of the Cherokee nation on Elizabeth Warren: ‘…she is not a Cherokee citizen’


Twitter is still on fire tonight over President Trump calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts “Pocahontas” in regard to her self-proclaimed status as a Native American and these tweets from CNN’s Jake Tapper caught our eye. Tapper quotes a friend of his who is Native American: Native American friend of mine on Trump calling her […]


Fury, snark erupt after Washington Redskins seek support against Harry Reid

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http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/472100855445872640 Last week, 50 U.S. Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid sent a letter to the commissioner of the NFL asking the league to get behind a name change for the Washington Redskins. Today, the Redskins asked for help pushing back against Harry Reid: http://twitter.com/#!/Redskins/status/472088588251721729 The ensuing avalanche of comments to #RedskinsPride got the hashtag […]