Singer Tom Fletcher And His Family Share A Precious Pregnancy Time-Lapse

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McFly frontman and YouTube star Tom Fletcher recently shared this heartwarming video on British Mother’s Day to welcome the arrival of his son, Buddy, into the world. The adorable time-lapse video charts his wife Giovanna’s pregnancy with their second child and features a sweet song written by the proud dad called “Bump to Buddy.” It’s […]


So Cute And So Incredibly Awkward. You’ve Got To See These Embarrassing Baby Pictures.

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Being a baby is full of humiliation. You can’t talk, you can’t walk, and you can’t go to the bathroom anywhere but your own underpants. If that wasn’t bad enough, your parents seemingly go out of their way to make you look ridiculous. (Seriously, bonnets? Naked photos?) It’s like they’re worried their bald, chubby, child’s […]


Life After Debt

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A history of credit cards, late payments, defaults, and living beyond my means. How I got there — and how I’m getting out. View this image › Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed It was my fifth hour in the Royal Motors car dealership, and I was sitting alone at the only table in a small and […]


This Youth Group Built A House For A Single Mom And Her Kids Living In A Dirty Shack

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); This family’s house was built out of plywood, cardboard, and garbage bags. That is, until Redditor fleetwoodmax17 and his church’s youth group stepped in. The church group, funded by a private company called Student Reach, replaced this Baja, California, family’s ramshackle dwelling with something permanent. This isn’t the only time, either. […]


Outrageous: This food delivery to Ebola family is truly unbelievable [pics]

, , , , , , , ,!/LibertySings/status/517772641940160512 Surely that’s not the case, right? Guess again. Resident inside #EbolaDallas apt takes deliveries inside. — STEVE PICKETT (@STEVEPICK11) October 2, 2014 But, hey, it’s cool. They are quarantined and all. I don't understand why Duncan's family is quarantined in a contaminated apartment. Boggles the mind. — Lexi Mainland (@lexinyt) October 3, 2014 […]


What Just Happened To This Couple Of 67 Years Seems Impossible. But It’s Not… Wow.

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95 year-old Olympia DeNittis and 94 year-old Michael DeNittis were married for 67 blissful years. They grew up near each other and were childhood sweethearts, so a life of happiness together just made sense. Since they basically spent their entire lives together, it’s no surprise how they left this world: together. Neither of them knew […]


A Doctor’s Dying Wish For His Wife Will Move You To Tears

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When you are about to take your last breath, you experience a certain type of clarity that most people don’t quite understand. Suddenly, everything around you makes sense. It all seems to have its place. You also gain a valuable perspective on what’s most important. For Doctor Paul Kalanithi, that couldn’t have been more true. […]