Here Are 16 Then And Now Photos From Famous Movie Scenes. You Gotta See Them Now.

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Ever wanted to be in a movie? Me too! I’ve always dreamed of being on set, seeing how the “sausage” is made. Instead, I just devour movies, paying close attention to the smallest details, and re-watching my favorites over and over and over. The next best thing would have to be going to the real […]


Ready To Give Up On Life? What These Celebs Are Paying $800 For Will Certainly Help

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On today’s episode of Everything is Terrible and Money’s the Worst, we present to you yet another celebrity atrocity. When it comes to melting Amex cards, few do it better than the celebs we all love to resent with every fiber of our being. While we’re over here pinching pennies so that we don’t have […]