YIKES! Did you see how Donald Trump just bashed Fox News? Greta Van Susteren did … and responds – twitchy.com

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Was Donald Trump just talking about Greta Van Susteren? Well, he did blast Fox News. But what makes it super awkward is that THIS is happening tonight: So, right before “On The Record,” Greta Van Susteren spotted this tweet from Trump … and retweeted it with her response: Oh dear. Here’s the original tweet. Awkward! […]


Rocket attack near U.S. embassy in Yemen; No U.S. injuries reported

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http://twitter.com/#!/ImadMesdoua/status/515971281398034432 A rocket was fired at the U.S. embassy in Sanaa, Yemen earlier today, and thankfully, no U.S. personnel were injured: Rocket fired at Yemeni special police guarding U.S. embassy in Sanaa: police http://t.co/dFCEpcuQr3 — Reuters World (@ReutersWorld) September 27, 2014 Huge mystery as a "decimated", "on the run" Al Qaeda manages to fire rocket […]


‘Wait, Trump’s against’ this? Donald reveals REAL reason he swore off FNC debate

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Yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump threatened to boycott tomorrow’s FNC-hosted GOP debate.And as Twitchy told you, it appears that he’s making good on his promise. But according to the man himself, Megyn Kelly‘s not the main reason for his refusal to participate in the debatethis is: Glad that’s settled. Or … not: Well, in any event, […]


How convenient! MSM ignores that trapped scientists were researching climate change

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http://twitter.com/#!/NolteNC/status/419146572694183937 There’s been quite a bit of buzz lately about the plight of scientists trapped in Antarctic ice. But if you were relying purely on the MSM for news, you may very well have missed the fact that those scientists were climate change researchers. For some inexplicable reason, MSMers left that little detail out of […]


Those awkward moments when Richard Simmons hits on Neil Cavuto [video]

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http://twitter.com/#!/TheBlakeElliott/status/405816633773404160 During an interview on Fox News, Richard Simmons obviously thought Neil Cavuto had it “goin’ on.” http://twitter.com/#!/Sophiaz12/status/405817433107083265 Below is video of the bizarre segment: http://www.youtube.com/embed/bBSPTUTY8fc?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent There was a range of reaction on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/_drewsimone/status/405828252289499136 http://twitter.com/#!/JaredHalpern/status/405816483424378880 http://twitter.com/#!/BayArea_Homes/status/405818380357103617 http://twitter.com/#!/Karen_Ehrhard/status/405817285312380928 http://twitter.com/#!/RussOnPolitics/status/405823218960711681 Here’s a good summary: http://twitter.com/#!/MangyLover/status/405815126298595328 Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/11/27/those-awkward-moments-when-richard-simmons-repeatedly-hits-on-neil-cavuto-video/