Instead Of Making A Meal Of This Chipmunk, A Cat Decided To Befriend It Instead

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We hold certain truths to be self-evident. One of those truths is that cats really, really hate rodents. Or do they? When this girl’s cat was outside, it came across a critter that would normally fall into prey-animal territory. The creature in question? A little chipmunk. Normally, you’d think that such an encounter would end […]


This Captain Cutie And Her First Mate Pup Perform Your Favorite Childhood Song

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Up a creek without a paddle, this adorable little girl and her doggy best friend had to get creative when boredom struck them one afternoon. Finding an empty box just lying around the house, these two hopped inside and silliness ensued. The precious pirates began sailing the seven seas, while singing that sea-faring classic, “Row, […]


What These 25 Teachers Did In Class Is Either Genius, Hilarious, Or Both. #16 Is Totally Epic… LOL.

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Everyone has had that one teacher that makes class really fun by just being awesome. In my case it was my high school history teacher who would always start the class with a cheesy joke, I’m talking the cheesiest dad jokes you’ve ever heard, but it put a smile on everyone’s face before his class […]


The Most Epic NBA Dunk Contest Photos Ever Taken

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With the 2015 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest on the horizon, here is a look back at the most memorable photos and videos from the competition over the years. 1. 2014 Reuters / USA Today Sports Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images   Washington Wizards guard John Wall won the 2014 contest […]