Look Closely (Or Not So Close) At These 12 Photos. One Thing Is Not Like The Others… LOL.

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If there is one important lesson that Sesame Street taught me as a child, it’s that sometimes “One of These Things” is not like the other. As they so often warned me about in song. Using the wisdom of clairvoyance taught to me by Big Bird and pals, I’ve come to the conclusion that in these […]


What These 25 Teachers Did In Class Is Either Genius, Hilarious, Or Both. #16 Is Totally Epic… LOL.

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Everyone has had that one teacher that makes class really fun by just being awesome. In my case it was my high school history teacher who would always start the class with a cheesy joke, I’m talking the cheesiest dad jokes you’ve ever heard, but it put a smile on everyone’s face before his class […]