Gay marriage activists mock conservative dad’s son, blame him for posting pic

, , , , ,!/papalputz/status/482905443803467776 LGBT radicals speculate @NOMUpdate president's son "looks like a daugther":… @michellemalkin @adambaldwin @rsmccain— Politix Fireball™ (@PolitixFireball) June 28, 2014 Tolerance much? This morning, National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown posted a nice photo with one of his young sons after a TV appearance on “Fox and Friends.”!/NOMupdate/status/482840403016966144 Several pro-gay marriage Twitter […]


Referendum To Bar Same-Sex Couples From Marrying And Adopting In Slovakia Fails

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Fewer than 50-percent of voters cast ballots in Saturday’s vote, which means the proposal cannot become law under the country’s voting rules. View this image › A voter casts his ballot during a referendum to maintain a ban on same-sex marriage, in the village of Vinicne Feb. 7. REUTERS © Radovan Stoklasa / Reuters A […]


Hillary Clinton’s DOMA history re-write is a ’tilt-a-whirl of dishonesty’

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As Hillary Clinton demonstrated for Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, her campaign has a new spin on the reason then-President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA): He had to be against gay marriage in order to save it, or something: Is that so? Pathetic, even by Clinton excuse standards. That’s Hillary! Read more: […]