‘Screw unity’: Hillary Clinton is proudest to have made an enemy of Republicans – twitchy.com

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To wrap up Tuesday’s presidential debate, moderator Anderson Cooper asked each candidate to name which enemy he or she was most “proud” of making, and the answers were, well, diverse. For a field of candidates who love America, they sure hate a lot of America. There’s a whole world of enemies out there to be […]


‘He is back!’ Dana Perino happy to be ‘reunited’ with Greg Gutfeld [pic]

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http://twitter.com/#!/drawandstrike/status/481170363653435392 Greg Gutfeld is back on Fox News “The Five” today, as Dana Perino mentioned: http://twitter.com/#!/joanie_ues/status/481170095536746498 Gutfeld, whose mother passed away last month, also announced his return to “The Five” and thanked those who offered support: http://twitter.com/#!/greggutfeld/status/481155955561103360 Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/06/23/he-is-back-dana-perino-happy-to-be-reunited-with-greg-gutfeld-pic/


Not funny because it’s true: Kiev, Shmiev! Greg Gutfeld slams John Kerry

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http://twitter.com/#!/drawandstrike/status/436029090131222529 As Twitchy reported, the anti-government protests in Kiev, Ukraine, have become deadly. But it’s cool, guys! Jay Carney says the White House is totally “appalled” and stuff.  And where is Secretary of State Kerry? Surely he is on the case and the world can rest easy: http://twitter.com/#!/CAAmyO/status/435864792817868800 That’s not a joke. Kerry was actually […]


Greg Gutfeld’s first tweet was better than a lot of first tweets

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http://twitter.com/#!/PatrickMillsaps/status/446741230336999424 Many Twitter debuts are boring, dry and of the “hey, is this thing on?” variety. But that wasn’t the case for Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. Twitter’s new #FirstTweet tool shows us that his first tweet was … so very Greg Gutfeld. http://twitter.com/#!/greggutfeld/status/1578649922 Proof that the #FirstTweet tool is awesome (or at least worth […]


‘Must be Photoshopped!’ Maria Molina, Greg Gutfeld photo mystifies [pic]

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http://twitter.com/#!/greggutfeld/status/447148898436792320 Heh. Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld often takes a ribbing over his height. A recent photo posted by the “Fox & Friends” Twitter feed congratulated the “Red Eye” and “The Five” host for finally being taller than someone: FNC meteorologist Maria Molina. http://twitter.com/#!/foxandfriends/status/446980033178271744 Oh my! http://twitter.com/#!/cheetahbiscuit/status/447020604328140800 http://twitter.com/#!/PeterJFordFLA/status/447009569966161920 Some fans were mystified by the photo. http://twitter.com/#!/SGabanyic/status/447151383360569344 […]