‘It’s that bad, huh?’ CBO: Sorry, we can’t measure fiscal fallout of Obamacare

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http://twitter.com/#!/AnthonyBialy/status/474272103793827841 Another day, another reminder that Obamacare is working just fine: http://twitter.com/#!/MonicaCrowley/status/474273831452811264 Pop the champagne! Or not: http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/474272331708112897 That’s pretty much the gist of what’s happened: Four years after enactment of what is widely viewed as President Barack Obama’s key legislative achievement, however, it’s unclear whether the health care law is still on track to […]


Chief Justice Roberts denies stay on O-care; SCOTUS ‘alternate universe’ noted

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http://twitter.com/#!/ShannonBream/status/420296422009761792 In June of 2012, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was the deciding vote when it came to approval of Obamacare’s individual mandate. Today, Roberts again came down on the side of Obamacare after a group of doctors requested a stay: http://twitter.com/#!/KLTV7/status/420315900458598400 The same Justice who upheld Obamacare’s individual mandate as a tax denying a […]


Embarrassing White House ‘health care bracketology’ GIFs slam dunked

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http://twitter.com/#!/JeromeEHudson/status/445615545141166080 The White House, hoping that Obamacare can ride on the coattails of the NCAA basketball tournament, is featuring the GIF-heavy “16 sweetest reasons to #GetCoveredNow”: http://twitter.com/#!/WhiteHouse/status/445598183901503488 Among the 16 “competitors” in the Obamacare “tournament” is this: http://twitter.com/#!/charliespiering/status/445611169668009984 Yes, this is actually on the White House website as a reason to #GetCoveredNow: Who hasn’t that […]