Common’s moment of silence overshadowed by ‘Star Trek’ outfit

, , ,!/_leggz4days/status/503720550892466176 VMA presenter Common asked for a moment of silence for Michael Brown at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards before handing out the Best Hip Hop Video award, noting that “hip hop has always been about justice.”!/DefJamRecords/status/503720220880801794!/MaraBrockAkil/status/503721397878030336!/aryana_ok/status/503721431901818880!/dinocthree18/status/503721379946962944!/FWTykees/status/503721443520413696!/joeenumbers/status/503721415342710784 Common’s moment of silence sparked less conversation than his “Star Trek” wardrobe […]


Kanye West Lyrics Perfectly Describe The Story Of Julius Caesar And Cleopatra

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Shakespeare would either be proud or he’s rolling in his grave. This is a continuation of history and lyrical poetry. 1. Julius Caesar on meeting Cleopatra for the first time: View this image › Jean-Léon Gérôme / Via 2. Caesar restores Cleopatra to the throne: View this image › Pietro da Cortona / Via […]