Snarknado strikes recalled Colo. lawmaker waiting for Secret Service clearance to White House party

, , , , , , ,!/SenJohnMorse/status/410909169034592256 Former Colorado State Senator John Morse is mostly known for two things: supporting anti-Second Amendment legislation, and being promptly recalled for it a few months later. Now it seems like he’s relegated to waiting outside the White House, desperately hoping the Secret Service bouncers will let him in.!/CrestonePeak/status/410971074243751936!/CrestonePeak/status/410972690023845888!/conservatarist/status/410969038060130304!/BenHowe/status/410969692032208896!/MJL556/status/410976986127798273 Ouch! […]


You Eat These 15 Foods Every Holiday Season, But Do You Know Where They Came From?

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We all have our favorite holiday dishes. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, we indulge in tasty treats that send us on nostalgic trips back in time to when we were kids and didn’t have to decide between paying rent and giving awesome gifts every year. But how much do you really know about pumpkin pies, […]