This Artist Went On A Drug-Induced Journey To Push The Boundaries Of His Process

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Innumerable works of art are born in the space between the boundaries we’re told to stand behind and the ones that even the most daring creators rarely pass. An experimental artist who knows what it means to push those boundaries is San Francisco-based graphic designer Brian Pollett. One series called Binge emphasizes the artist’s insatiable […]


With Just A Few Cut Paper Illustrations, One Artist Created An Incredible World.

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Artist and illustrator Morgana Wallace‘s pieces are beautiful and mysterious. These works are even more incredible when you consider the detail in each one. Instead of drawing or painting, Wallace creates images out of layers of cut and folded paper, creating a three-dimensional, textured look. Extra details like faces and hands of figures are added in with watercolor […]


He Channelled Tim Burton’s Creepiness To Recreate Characters We All Know And Love

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When it comes to developing signature styles, most artists start by standing on the shoulders of proverbial giants. When artistic signatures are born, they’re shaped by the influence of creators past before they become giants themselves, at which point the cycle begins again. And that’s what makes Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Tarusov’s signature style — […]