Tweets from 2010? Jen Psaki is right: People care a lot about losing their health care

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Was that photo of President Obama’s staffers looking sad taken right after they’d all had their memories wiped, like, with a cloth, or just before? No one who worked in or around the White House between 2008 and 2016 seems to remember anything that went on there; either that, or a total lack of self-awareness […]


Jen Psaki says Russians not following up their hashtag with actions

, , ,!/NoahCRothman/status/459815840675012609 That, allegedly, is how State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki explained her universally ridiculed tweet Thursday night, in which she hoped Kiev and the Russian Federation would “live by the power of hashtag,” the hashtag being #UnitedForUkraine.!/allahpundit/status/459816139045208064 Yes way.!/jfgroves/status/459816342888411137!/bcostin/status/459817053411893250!/andylevy/status/459817177093513216!/jilliankuzma/status/459817526177054721 Yes, it really happened, and here’s the video.!/Colonel_Ted/status/459817239311835139!/FrankDeSalesman/status/459817401186787328!/GayPatriot/status/459817729609170944!/andylevy/status/459818182174572545 […]