Ouch! Nikki Sixx blasts Kanye West: ‘What a f*cking loser’

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http://twitter.com/#!/2009superglide/status/412224320912375808 Why the Kanye West, Nikki Sixx comparison? Well, this happened. http://twitter.com/#!/garces91/status/411061679103832065 Hater? Or hilarious? You decide! http://twitter.com/#!/NikkiSixx/status/410315051229130752 Ouch! Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx isn’t alone. Jason Hawes of “Ghost Hunter” and Jay Leno both recently slammed Kanye West as well. Some West fans, like this one, were not too pleased: http://twitter.com/#!/FaiS_1993/status/410510094833819648 But others agreed wholeheartedly […]


Kanye West Lyrics Perfectly Describe The Story Of Julius Caesar And Cleopatra

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Shakespeare would either be proud or he’s rolling in his grave. This is a continuation of history and lyrical poetry. 1. Julius Caesar on meeting Cleopatra for the first time: View this image › Jean-Léon Gérôme / Via upload.wikimedia.org 2. Caesar restores Cleopatra to the throne: View this image › Pietro da Cortona / Via […]