19 Uses For Clothespins That Have Nothing To Do With Drying Your Laundry

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Clothespins have been carrying the weight of our wet sheets and delicate unmentionables for more than 160 years. They’ve put up with being banished to the backyard clothesline or laundry room, but that stops today! There are so many other ways to use the versatile clips and none of them have to with drying your […]


THIS Is How You Fix Your Shrunken Sweaters…Don’t Throw Them Out!

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Everyone’s experienced a bit of shrinkage in their lives… You find that beloved sweater, t-shirt, or pair of pants mixed in with a load of laundry that you dried on high. Somehow, you managed to shrink it down to a size fit for a toddler. Instead of crying over the passing of a silky-soft friend, […]


16 Uses For Mouthwash That Have Nothing To Do With Your Teeth

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On today’s episode of “The World Is Playing Me,” we explore the wonderful world of mouthwash. So how on Earth is mouthwash playing me? Well, it’s a two-pronged situation. One reason why I never buy mouthwash is because I feel like it’s pointless next to flossing and brushing. The other reason is that it costs […]