ThinkProgress’ LGBT editor can’t deal with Marco Rubio defending gays in Chechnya

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For the past month or so, the Chechen government has been escalating their crackdown againstthe gay and LGBT community, imprisoning, torturing, and reportedly killing gays (or those merely suspected of homosexuality). In a powerful speech, Sen. Marco Rubio condemned the horrific actions of the Chechen government as well as Russia’s inaction and unwillingness to acknowledge […]


Referendum To Bar Same-Sex Couples From Marrying And Adopting In Slovakia Fails

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Fewer than 50-percent of voters cast ballots in Saturday’s vote, which means the proposal cannot become law under the country’s voting rules. View this image › A voter casts his ballot during a referendum to maintain a ban on same-sex marriage, in the village of Vinicne Feb. 7. REUTERS © Radovan Stoklasa / Reuters A […]


Alabama Supreme Court Orders Temporary Stop To New Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

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“Alabama law allows for ‘marriage’ between only one man and one woman,” the Alabama Supreme Court states, reaching its own conclusion about the constitutionality of the state’s marriage ban. View this image › Angela Channell, right, and Dawn Hicks, left, display their marriage license on Feb. 13, 2015. Robert Sutton / AP WASHINGTON — The […]