This Sexist Dating Advice From The 1930s Will Make You Totally Cringe Today. Yikes.

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This cringe worthy and ridiculously outdated dating guide was published by Parade Magazine back in 1938, to inform all the single ladies of the era on what to do and what not do on a first date with a gentleman. What makes this guide so sexist is not really the tips themselves. They are just […]


Party of ‘Clinton, [Filner], Kennedy’ warns against GOP ‘Mad Men’ era policies

, , , ,!/punditfap/status/470769241369485314 The DNC used the occasion of the season finale of “Mad Men” to warn Americans to not allow the Republicans to “turn back the clock on women”:!/TheDemocrats/status/470744700274491392 Hmm, why does “Mad Men” era behavior sound so familiar?!/AspiringThrawn/status/470745137132216320 [See Editor’s note below] Oh, of course. But at the DNC, a monumental lack of […]