Martha MacCallum calls BS: ’17 trillion in debt and this gov’t can’t get decent IT?’

,!/DMW1135/status/481440345876873216 FNC’s Martha MacCallum is calling B.S. on the IRS:!/marthamaccallum/status/481440082877222912 We’re supposed to believe that the financially bloated government couldn’t spring for functional servers that prevent important IRS officials’ emails from getting “lost”? What the hell have they been doing with our tax dollars? Oh, wait:!/Dsnicol2/status/481440379909066752!/prepresscolor/status/481440401597800449 Reckless disregard for taxpayers? Inappropriate allocation of financial resources? Yep, […]


Sens. Gillibrand, McCaskill given super hero makeovers

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In case you’re not busy this weekend, Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum will present a special called,“The Truth About Sex & College.” And if you are busy, clear your schedule, as MacCallum willtake an in-depth look at the alleged campus “rape culture” in which one in five women in college is sexually assaulted. Hillary Clinton […]


Martha MacCallum, tweet of the year? Slams Obama with hysterical phrase

, , , ,!/MarcHoover1/status/408578866521722880 The rest of the day? We say the rest of the year! Fox News’ Martha MacCallum nailed it once again with this epic Obama slam:!/marthamaccallum/status/408578172242767872 Boom. Freakin’. Tastic.!/lesgovmorfre/status/408582485987971072 Heh. This Twitter user then tied it into Christmas:!/Palinspired/status/408578888978014208 Ha! Keep the truth-booms coming, Ms. MacCallum. Related: Full Twitchy coverage of Martha MacCallum […]