Life After Debt

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A history of credit cards, late payments, defaults, and living beyond my means. How I got there — and how I’m getting out. View this image › Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed It was my fifth hour in the Royal Motors car dealership, and I was sitting alone at the only table in a small and […]


Thieves Try To Rob The Wrong Gas Station With A Clerk Trained In MMA.

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If you’ve watched Ocean’s 11, then you know robberies are all about planning and patience. When wannabe-thieves attacked gas station clerk Mayura Dissanyake’s coworker, it seemed like they had done their homework. They knew he was returning from the bank with a large sum of money and that he’d have to leave the safety of […]


Ready To Give Up On Life? What These Celebs Are Paying $800 For Will Certainly Help

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On today’s episode of Everything is Terrible and Money’s the Worst, we present to you yet another celebrity atrocity. When it comes to melting Amex cards, few do it better than the celebs we all love to resent with every fiber of our being. While we’re over here pinching pennies so that we don’t have […]