MSNBC pulls out some surprising stats about Planned Parenthood, courtesy of Planned Parenthood

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As much as the creators of no-apology hashtag campaigns like #ShoutYourAbortion would prefer organizations like Planned Parenthood to follow their lead, when the threat of losing taxpayer funding is in the air, supporters like Mark Ruffalo tend to talk more about cancer screenings than abortions. A lot of MSNBC viewers were likely surprised Tuesday when […]


Twitter hit by mother of all fake news bombs as CNN’s Brian Stelter links to Dan Rather’s Facebook page

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After what seemed like months of back-and-forth between President Trump and CNN over fake news and “violent” wrestling GIFs, the New York Times went and surprised everyone Monday night with one of those Trump-Russia bombshells everyone had come to expect. Sure, the sourcing was anonymous, but it turns out the story was solid. For almost […]


HILARIOUS: YUGE ratings for Rachel Maddow’s Trump tax flop, millions saw her step in it

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Congrats Rachel … sorta. Maddow tax-return episode scored huge (like, HOLY SHIT huge) ratings: 4.1M viewers, beat all cable television nets. — Andrew Kirell (@AndrewKirell) March 16, 2017 It’s not surprising that millions of people tuned in because Rachel made it sound like she had the smoking gun that would finally end Donald […]