Jim Geraghty’s tip for candidates: Talk about FBI investigation

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If this morning you tuned into any newscoverage of last night’s presidentialdebate, chances are you heard the highlight of the night was when Bernie Sanders agreed with Hillary Clinton that he is “sick and tired” of hearing about herdamn emails. What was Sanders up to? Just speaking his mind, as usual? Pandering to the “leave […]


Heh: National Review’s Cooke imagines O-care shill Will Ferrell’s next movie

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http://twitter.com/#!/politicsofamy/status/438541413966303232 https://twitter.com/coolhandschlute/status/438503224681562112 The giggles just won’t stop! As Twitchy reported, actor and comedian Will Ferrell took on the role of Obamacare shill. Laura Ingraham pointed out just how “funny” that was. This Twitter user upped the hilarity with this snicker-inducing summation: http://twitter.com/#!/CuffyMeh/status/438501423912071168 Perfect. Enter National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke with his guess as to what […]