‘You lose, again’: Shannon Watts’ attempt to lecture NRA about #Oscars security backfires

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Last night’s Academy Awards, like many before it, was protected by heavily armed security. The NRA spotted some irony given the fact that many in attendance are among those who believe that guns don’t make people safer: Shannon Watts of the Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action group tried to school the NRA: And the point […]


, tough guy? Piers Morgan has a message for the NRA

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http://twitter.com/#!/Slublog/status/506835561676820480 Yeah, well, Piers Morgan isn’t most people. In case you missed it, Morgan’s breakup with CNN is officially official: http://twitter.com/#!/piersmorgan/status/506793541902012416 http://twitter.com/#!/piersmorgan/status/506794465005420544 But, he cautions, that doesn’t mean he’s going to surrender his soapbox: http://twitter.com/#!/piersmorgan/status/506794848406347776 Ooo … sounds like Musket means business! http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/506797145685782528 http://twitter.com/#!/RobProvince/status/506797176581013505 Yeah, something tells us the NRA’s gonna be juuuuust fine. http://twitter.com/#!/charlescwcooke/status/506835082284634112 Snort. *** […]


ThinkProgress fully embraces ‘prayer shaming’ of politicians

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Twitchy first noticeda downright antagonism to the words“thoughts and prayers” after Sen. Ted Cruz offered his prayers to the victims and first responders at the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs. The backlash against prayer was so intense after today’s mass shooting in San Bernardino that The Atlantic was able to put together a piece […]