‘Interesting’ Sen. James Inhofe graphic: ‘It is time for [Obama] to go’

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http://twitter.com/#!/nielslesniewski/status/472524417663528961 Roll Call’s Niels Lesniewski called it “interesting,” and the idea is sure to interest more than a few people. (It only garnered about 20 retweets, though.) http://twitter.com/#!/DannyVinik/status/472524687097217024 Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/05/31/interesting-sen-james-inhofe-graphic-it-is-time-for-obama-to-go/


Cruz vows to hold nominees until he gets answers on Israeli flight ban

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http://twitter.com/#!/SenTedCruz/status/492087188981428224 http://twitter.com/#!/DoremusJ/status/492088179923484673 No FAA ban on flights to Ukraine though. That seems odd. Cruz’s questions add up to “Did the Obama administration use the FAA as leverage against Israel?” Was this decision a political decision driven by the White House? For instance, who was this decision made by – a career official, a political appointee, […]