Is Planned Parenthood getting THIS into ‘science’ at the #ScienceMarch? (Hint: NO)

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Probably the least self-aware tweet ever put out on Twitter. These people are just oblivious — Paul (@pholly33) April 22, 2017 #MarchForScience events are taking place around the country coinciding with Earth Day: TODAY!!! March STARTS at 11am — arrive early! Details at #MarchForScienceMN#marchforscience — March for Science MN (@ScienceMarchMN) April 22, […]


Liberal douchebag imagines rape of conservative mom Holly Fisher

, , , , , , ,!/PatKasprik/status/485833317002932225 Conservative mother Holly Fisher made waves this week for her viral Hobby Lobby hat trick photo as well as her follow-up photo. No one should be surprised that Fisher attracted the usual liberal hate. These tweets by Patrick Kasprik, however, stood out:!/PatKasprik/status/485824101039091712 When conservatives angrily complained, Kasprik accused his critics of “hate”. Yes, he thinks we are hateful.!/PatKasprik/status/485826302134345728 […]


Rep. Louise Slaughter’s amendment to abolish ‘clearly politicized’ Benghazi committee fails –

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Rep. Louise Slaughter, top Democrat on theHouse Rules Committee, put forward an amendment Tuesday night toabolishthe Select Committee on Benghazi, before which former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is scheduled to testify Oct. 22. Well, this is something we should politicize. It is relevant to our common life together. To the body politic. In a […]


MSNBC pulls out some surprising stats about Planned Parenthood, courtesy of Planned Parenthood

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As much as the creators of no-apology hashtag campaigns like #ShoutYourAbortion would prefer organizations like Planned Parenthood to follow their lead, when the threat of losing taxpayer funding is in the air, supporters like Mark Ruffalo tend to talk more about cancer screenings than abortions. A lot of MSNBC viewers were likely surprised Tuesday when […]