‘Clarence Thomas’ trends as liberals update their wish lists

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It’s certainly no surprise that the No. 1 trending topic in the United States tonight is #Scalia, but why is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas trending just a couple of steps behind? Not all liberals were tweeting death wishes against Clarence Thomas, although they did express concern about how Thomas would be able to operate […]


By Day, He Was A Christian Puppeteer…By Night, He Was Plotting Something Horrible

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While I immensely respect the abilities of talented ventriloquists, there is something just a little unsettling about them. It almost makes you question the mental state of those who choose to pursue ventriloquism professionally… The case of ventriloquist Ronald Brown certainly doesn’t make them any less suspicious. Brown (who you can see in the extremely […]


‘Chuck Todd is an ultra conservative, neo-con puppet’ — crazy people

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http://twitter.com/#!/VikingLongboats/status/480882100535427075 Arguably true, but who’s puppet is he? Hey @ChuckTodd: Tsk. Tsk. Keep it up and you'll lose the rest of your audience. http://t.co/jXfCrtcvWJ— Kennett Area Dems (@KennettDems) June 23, 2014 Ha! NBC’s Chuck Todd accidentally practiced something resembling journalism and now the moon bats are barking. http://twitter.com/#!/islandlife2014/status/480877619920248832 Yes. How dare anyone disrespect THIS president? […]