This Artist’s Use Of Plastic And Pigment In Petri Dishes Will Leave You In Awe

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San Francisco-based artist Klari Reis has created a huge volume of one-of-a-kind pieces, each incredibly beautiful. They’re a unique medium in so many ways, but we’ll start with the fact that they’re created in petri dishes. Reis uses a rubbery, resin-like epoxy polymer, along with different kinds of pigments that react in ways reminiscent of […]


What These Dragon Blood Trees Do Is Straight Out Of Mythology. Except It’s Completely Real.

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These amazing trees are native to a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean called Socotra. What makes them so amazing is the red sap which exudes from the bark after wounding, which is what gives the trees their name; Dragon Blood Trees. They aren’t just odd looking tress that “bleed” red either, the medicinal […]