WATCH: Rutgers students smear themselves with fake blood to protest @Nero

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Breitbart’sMilo Yiannopoulos visited the campus of Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ last night as part of his international “Dangerous Faggot Tour,” with expected results. Protesters in the audience interrupted Yiannapoulous, shouting “this man represents hatred!” and before smearing themselves with fake blood. Check it out: And we’re not talking about regular blood: Gross! Here’s a […]


Protests aren’t silencing anyone? Why the ‘safe spaces’ then?

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The fact that this morning’s edition of The Washington Post even exists is a tribute to the nation’s commitment to protecting freedom of the press, and yet University of Pennsylvania professor Shaun R. Harper has published an op-ed claiming that campus protests against racism “aren’t silencing anyone.” Harper, who is executive director of theCenter for […]