Maher: Nobody cares about Saudi beheadings because the Saudis have oil

, ,!/billmaher/status/507388174910251009 Saudi Arabia’s criminal justice system is far from perfect, and there is some truth in Maher’s claim that the country’s internal affairs would undergo more scrutiny if not for its oil. Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia’s beheading of convicted criminals (mostly drug traffickers) seems to us to be on a different moral plane than ISIS’ beheading of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. Keep in […]


This Man Was Mocked For Looking At Jewelry, So The Internet Did Something Amazing

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While being constantly flooded with political ramblings and fake news stories, it’s refreshing to come across a story that proves the internet and social media aren’t entirely horrible. After a Saudi Arabian cleaner was photographed staring at a storefront display of jewelry, an anonymous Instagram account posted the picture online in an attempt to mock […]