These Lighthouses Aren’t Just Beautiful, They’re Strong, Too.

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A lighthouse may look out of place when the sky is blue and the only thing crashing down on the shore are the sun’s rays. But when there’s a storm coming in, a lighthouse seems right at home, battling it out against the wind, water, and gray. Without their beams of light, many would be lost forever. […]


Getting To This Place Is Extremely Difficult… But 8-10 Hours Later, It’ll Blow You Away.

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Overlooking a scenic fjord in Norway, high up in the mountains is ‘The Trolls Tongue’, or Trolltunga. This oddly shaped rock formation that got its name from folk tales is one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway. Trolltunga is situated about 3600 feet (1100 meters) above sea level, hovering 2300 feet (700 meters) above lake […]