He Turned His Childhood Love Of Dinosaurs Into A Stunning Approach To Art

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Professional artists and amateurs alike know that delving into a new technique or medium can be a daunting task. Whether you’re an oil painter who’s tackling charcoal or a lover of graphite experimenting with color, stepping outside of your artistic comfort zone is overwhelming, but totally worth it. And Joe Hollenbeck of Hollenbeck Woodworks knows […]


Headline of the year involves giant marble vagina; photos even better

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http://twitter.com/#!/tim_chr/status/480873103245840384 http://twitter.com/#!/smythmels/status/481047037639950336 No comment necessary. Snickers, however, are mandatory. Best headline ever: ‘US exchange student pulled from Tubingen University marble vagina’ news.com.au/world/us-excha… http://t.co/BLtKzqw7te— Ben Johnston (@BenJohnston_) June 23, 2014 http://twitter.com/#!/nypost/status/481060004389482496 http://twitter.com/#!/cemartin88/status/481032873151983616 The only thing missing? Giant grumpy uterus puppet! Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/06/23/international-headline-of-the-year-involves-giant-marble-vagina-photos-even-better/


Plenty Of Artists Use Paper, But His Approach To The Medium Is Completely Unique

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For thousands of artists, having stacks of paper on hand is essential, since it’s pretty easy to burn through hundreds of sheets before projects even get off the ground. But some creators center their careers around using standard materials in unconventional ways. Instead of using sheets of paper as canvases, a few artists out there […]


This Artist Sculpts Eerily Realistic Dolls…And He Does It From The Inside Out

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When it comes to creating lifelike portraits and sculptures, knowledge of anatomy is important. It’s not enough to draw or mold what you see on the surface. In order to create exact likenesses, you have to know what people look like underneath it all — and you have to dig all the way to the […]


This Is The Last Thing I Thought Could Be Beautiful. Especially Considering It May Kill You.

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Artist Luke Jerram began creating complex glass sculptures of viruses, diseases and bacteria in 2004. Made to contemplate the global impact of each disease, the body of artwork titled ‘Glass Microbiology’ is created as  an alternative representations of viruses to the artificially colored imagery received through much of the media. In fact, viruses have no color as […]