Watching This Video Of A Sea Lion Eating A Shark Will Leave Your Jaw On The Ground

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We all think of sharks as the top predators of the sea. They are lean, mean, chomping machines. They’ve had several movies written and produced about them, several documentaries, heck, Discovery Channel has a whole week dedicated to them every year. But when you see this gang of sea lions take down some sharks, you […]


These Japanese Researchers May Have Photographic Evidence Of A Megalodon Shark

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For a while now, a video has been lurking in the deep recesses of the Internet that claims to contain footage of a megalodon (a giant shark that’s thought to be extinct). It was captured by Japanese scientists. Many cryptozoologists are eager to use this as irrefutable proof of the ancient predator’s continued existence, but […]


What Tourists Saw Lurking Beneath A Kayaker Gave Them A Heart Attack

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Everything was warm and sunny on a beautiful pier in Panama City Beach, Florida, until, like an ominous scene from Jaws, the dark outline of a shark was seen lurking beneath the crystal-clear waters. Watch as those looking on from the pier shout in horror as it heads straight for an unsuspecting kayaker… Luckily, this […]