Watch The Heroic Rescue Of A Dog Stuck For 2 Nights In A 15-Foot Sinkhole

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Skye, a seven-year-old golden retriever, seemingly disappeared into thin air when her owner let her off the leash during a snowstorm. After two days of nonstop searching, Skye’s family heard faint barking coming from inside of the Arboretum at Penn State. In that moment, they realized that the poor pup was trapped at the bottom […]


Her Did Dog Went Missing…Where He Was Found Shocked Her To The Core

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Twelve-year-old Maverick is one tough cookie. First surviving a potentially deadly car strike, and then freeing himself from a hunting trap, he’s got an incredibly strong will to live. But this recent story just might be the most convincing evidence of that. After going out one day for a bathroom break, he suddenly disappeared. Little […]


Sinkholes Are Dangerous Because They Can Appear Anywhere…Including Your Own Yard

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); There’s a reason why people live in fear of the possibility of sinkholes: They can happen anywhere at pretty much any time. Oh, and they’re also merciless, swallowing everything in their path with no regard for life or property. The latest sinkhole victims? Lyn and Ray McKay of Ipswich, Australia. The […]