Once Kept In Cages In Korea, These Dogs Are Finding New Homes In The U.S And Canada

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Since the era of the Three Kingdoms of Korea in 57 A.D., the consumption of dog meat has been a controversial part of South Korean cuisine. Though as much as 30% of the population has tried dog meat at least once in their life, a much smaller percentage actually consumes it regularly. With the tradition […]


This Is The Best Music Video About PMS You’ve Ever Seen

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Have you ever wanted to punch PMS right in the face? K-Pop star Lizzy teamed up with a Korean comedian named Park Myeong-Su for a song called “(Good Bye) PMS” and the music video for it is totally bonkers. Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zMuscKEmV3I. youtube.com In the video, Myeong-Su plays like some kind of premenstrual syndrome […]