This absurd hashtag diplomacy from the State Dept. is the ‘MOST idiotic’ yet

, , ,!/DLoesch/status/511733069997305856 Heh. Ah, yes. The humiliating State Department and its hashtag diplomacy. @StateDept can we have more super-awesome hashtag diplomacy from you all? Please? It's so effective and smart power is just awesome! #Inners — TripleDotter (@DoubleDotter) September 14, 2014 Snicker. But what about the “booties on the ground” to fight Ebola? Where is the […]


Hillary says she’s ‘delighted’ about State Dept. staffer getting immunity

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SoHillary is just overjoyed about one of her State Department staff members getting immunity in the investigation into her private email server. She talked about her “delight”this morning on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” Asked by moderator John Dickerson about Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department staffer who helped set up her private email server and […]


Hillary Clinton Used Her Own Internet Server To Send Email

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The server that transmitted her email while she was Secretary of State was run out of her New York state home — an unusual step, the AP reported. The revelation comes after the Times reported that Clinton used a personal email account to conduct official business despite federal law requiring correspondence be retained by the […]